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Thomas Roide, AMFT

My approach is integrative---together, we learn, we share, we laugh, we grow, and hopefully transcend in all aspects of life. This is what I hope to bring to the therapeutic experience: patient listening, validation in shared suffering and the human condition, where hopefully, we co-create something different when everything else has been exhausted. 

I have had the personal experience of feeling stuck in many junctions of life trying to solve obstacles. I learned through the power of support that I needed more---a person who could walk with me, offer different perspective, perhaps insight, into my own endless thought-loop of stuck-ness, someone who may be able to bring light to areas of darkness. Therapy for me has been something incredibly healing when I learned I was not alone.

Through our journey together, I hope to utilize trauma-informed approaches and broad ranges of humanistic theories to assist you in navigating developed learnings.

Caucasian male, bald, smiling in front of a green background of ivy plants. He is wearing a white button up shirt with a misty blue cardigan

Contact Thomas via 
or phone: 818-839-0759

License #135940

Supervised by Christina Dixon, LCSW

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