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Esmé Edwards, AMFT

My own personal experience with therapy led me to this field of work and I am deeply committed to providing compassionate care. I began my career in Social Work working primarily with underserved youth in New York State and as a Restorative Justice Facilitator. I then went on to complete a Master's in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University.

Therapy is an opportunity to co-create a place of trust, growth and support. I strive to support my clients while also encouraging them to examine patterns in their life in an effort to break painful cycles. I utilize a non-oppressive and non-judgmental approach. I see the therapeutic relationship as a microcosm of your relationships in other areas of your life. We will talk about the therapeutic relationship, examine rupture and identify patterns that occur within our shared space.


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License #143994

Supervised by Christina Dixon, LCSW

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