Shadow on Concrete Wall

Therapy for adults in California, Maryland and Texas

Life can feel overwhelming sometimes


Anxiety, depression, grief, hopelessness, flashbacks, anger, confusion... they can be all consuming. You don't know where to turn and the last thing you want to do is talk to a complete stranger who's going to have you lie on a couch and analyze how your parents are to blame for all your problems.


Therapy with me looks different

Sure, I have a couch that most people sit on but some clients choose to sit in my chair and I'm ok with that!  Yes, your parents will come up in conversation but that's only a part of our work together. We'll do some yoga and mindfulness practices. We'll give the inner critic in your head a name so you realize it does not speak the truth. Sometimes you will have homework. We'll laugh together. And you might even hear me drop the f bomb (cause I'm human too!).

You will start to have MORE

Lots of people come to therapy to get rid of what is not working in their life. While that is the starting point, I will work with you to go beyond that. YOU WILL HAVE MORE STRENGTH AND RESILIENCY to ride the inevitable waves of life. You will find JOY, PEACE AND CALM. 


Most of us can't get there on our own. We need the help of a skilled observer, someone who will give us honest feedback, challenge us and hold us accountable. 

You don't have to figure it out by yourself.

Topics frequently discussed in therapy:

Grief                                     Depression

Anxiety                                 Job dissatisfaction

Chronic illness                    Stress

Trauma                                Discrimination

Relationships                      Low self worth