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I'm often reminded of the quote by Winston Churchill, "If you're going through hell, keep going." As your therapist, my job is to be the light at the end of your dark tunnel - to help you keep going so you can be free of darkness, pain, and suffering.


I've been in therapy off and on since my mid 20s so I know what it feels like to sit on the therapy couch. I've felt overwhelmed and helpless and lost. I also know that therapy works. It provides the tools to weather the storms of life and know that the sun will shine again.

I want you to have those tools too. I will help you feel strong and resourceful and content. I want you to dream big and know that you deserve that dream to come true. 

I incorporate yoga therapy, modern analytic approaches, EMDR and iRest® meditation into my sessions. My approach is informed by social justice. Every person has value and worth. The light within me honors the light within you.


California LCSW #87870

Maryland LCSW-C # 12929

Texas LCSW #59148


MSW from University of Michigan Ann Arbor

BA from University of Maryland College Park

Dotted Background

"I've had a professional relationship with Christina for over 2 years and can attest to Christina's clinical mind. She is not only thoughtful and responsive in her work, she is also a deep, relationship thinker working with her clients to unfold their histories, coping and patterns with the hope of living more expansive lives. She is consistently doing her own work through trainings and therapy as a way to hone and strengthen her clinical perspective. I can hands down recommend her for therapy!"

-Amelia Canally, LCSW, CGP