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Alex Abramowicz, AMFT

In my own life I have dealt with issues of substance abuse, family relationships, long-term grief, and suicide. For twenty-eight years I worked in film and television production until 2008 when the recession motivated me to look at my life and my goals. Around that time I trained and began working as a volunteer crisis counselor at the Suicide Prevention Center.

After a few years as a volunteer I became a paid counselor/supervisor/trainer and over the next five years I discovered that I loved helping people. I decided that I wanted to get beyond the momentary fix of the crisis call and to work on a long-term depth basis helping people.

That desire led to the Antioch University graduate program, an internship at the Southern California Counseling Center and to where I am today - hoping to see and help you.


Learn more about Alex at or contact him via


or phone: 213-215-4243

License # 113097

Supervised by Christina Dixon, LCSW

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