Group Therapy

SINGLE AND SEARCHING - a 12 week group for adults

Wednesdays from 6-7:30 pm PDT

This time limited group is a place for single adults to discuss what it's like to be dating in today's world and get support from other singles. This group is available to adults of all ages, genders and sexual orientation. Since we will be meeting over Zoom, anyone in California, Maryland and Texas can join. 

I will meet with each group member individually before the first group to discuss the group in more detail and to review group members' goals. This meeting is free. To learn more about when the next group begins and to schedule a meeting, click the Get Started button below.


Why Group?

I'm so excited to be a part of a therapy group! Said no one. EVER.

I get it. Being part of a group, sharing intimate things about ourselves and being vulnerable can feel scary. So let me tell you why it's important and necessary. We live in groups - our workplace, our community, our friend group. We grew up and learned about the world in groups - in our family and our schools. We need safe groups to challenge ourselves and see ourselves the way others see us. No one lives in a bubble and we shouldn't heal ourselves in a bubble. Individual therapy is an important tool but is best served when combined with group therapy.

You may be reluctant to enter a therapy group out of fear that you won't be understood by other members of the group. Or maybe there's a concern that you won't get what you need in group. These are normal reactions when considering joining a group. Let's talk about them together and learn to understand the challenges along with endless possibilities that come with participating in a therapy group. 

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