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Nikki Lewis, ASW

I work with clients on childhood trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, low self esteem and relational conflict. I'm here to provide an empathetic space for clients to work through the limiting beliefs and behaviors that prevent them from finding peace and happiness.

I believe every client is unique and your own. I am trained in a variety of techniques, and find that a flexible approach based on client needs is most helpful.

I earned Master's degrees in Social Welfare and Public Policy from UCLA. Prior to my work as a private practice clinician I worked in the nonprofit sector in various capacities, most recently focusing on former foster youth.

Caucasian woman with blonde hair, clear rimmed glasses smiling while sitting down. Her arms are crossed on her knees. She has a tattoo partially visible on her right arm. She is wearing a black short sleeve shirt and multi colored geometric patterned bottom with a sliver necklace and silver ring on the middle finger of her left hand

Learn more about Nikki at or contact her via
or phone: 213-986-7431

License #108948
Supervised by Christina Dixon, LCSW


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