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I am a clinical supervisor in the state of CA and have room in my practice to work with Associate Social Workers or Associate Marriage and Family Therapists. If you are interested in earning hours towards licensure and would like to learn more about the possibility of working together, contact me at Please send your resume and a description of what you would like to learn working in a private practice setting.

My approach to supervision

As an employer and clinical supervisor, I aim to create an employment and supervision structure in a private practice business that mutually supports both the associate and supervisor. I aim to give back to the therapist community by providing supervision to the best of my ability and creating a supportive learning environment that allows each associate to strengthen their clinical skills, business and marketing knowledge, and apply theoretical training to real life situations. Many seasoned therapists look back at one or two instrumental supervisors and/or mentors that helped guide their careers and I strive to have that impact on associates who work alongside me.

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