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Nina Singh, AMFT

Indian woman with long black hair smiling. She is standing in front of a concrete wall about shoulder height with green ivy above. She is wearing a black short sleeve shirt, white skirt with black dots and silver hoop earrings.

I seek to understand my clients and their unique life story. I identify an approach that will appeal to each client and support them in achieving their goals. For this reason, I integrate different modalities such as psychodynamic techniques, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I also place a great deal of importance on understanding a person's unique identities and experiences that contribute to inequality, discrimination or privilege.

I received my MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. My clinical experience includes extensive training in psychodynamic therapy at Women's Clinic Counseling Center where I facilitated psychotherapy with adults. I have an interest in working with clients who are navigating life transitions, pregnancy/ postpartum, anxiety, or depression. I also enjoy working with couples, children and teens.

Learn more about Nina at or contact her via


or phone: 213-853-0720

License # 130608
Supervised by Christina Dixon, LCSW

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