Individual Therapy


If it were easy to change you would have already done it. 

I know if you could will yourself out of feeling anxious, depressed, or wish away trauma or flashbacks you would have! You've probably spent a lot of time in your head thinking about what to do differently but haven't seen anything change. That's where I come in. I am a guide to help you get unstuck. Together we'll talk, use yoga, pay attention to the messages in your physical body, slow things down through breathing and grounding exercises, and practice ways to be mindful and in the current moment. I'll ask you to reflect and notice behaviors that are working (or not working). Over time, you will be able to use those skills automatically, without having to think about it. You will be able to live the life you have dreamed of.

What if things are ok but I still want more? Are you the therapist for me?


Therapy is not just for people who feel horrible. To borrow an insightful phrase from Suri in Black Panther, "Just because something works doesn't mean it can't be improved." How can you use therapy to improve your life, your job or your relationships? Regular ongoing therapy can be an incredibly useful maintenance practice.


In my opinion, the world would be a better place if everyone were in therapy! Let's collaborate to optimize what's currently working and tweak the things that are not. The way I see it, the sky is the limit for what you can have in your life!

Video sessions

Because I work with clients in three different time zones, I have been offering video sessions since 2019. Video technology allows us the opportunity to work closely over long distances. Even some clients who live or work close to my office prefer video sessions because of the convenience of it. (Who likes to commute in LA?). Like everything in life, video sessions have some good and not-so-good sprinkled in. If you're interested in this option let me know and we'll explore whether it's a good choice for our work together.

I am honored to work with military, first responders, medical personnel, mental health professionals and people with chronic medical conditions.