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Land Acknowledgement

map of the coast of California and Mexico listing a number of cities on the coast. The land mass is colored shades of orange and the ocean is blue

As a way of owning my privilege I believe it is important to recognize and honor the people who first inhabited the land now known as Los Angeles. I am committed to educating myself more on the history of Los Angeles, including the numerous abuses (genocide, slavery, broken promises, stolen land, disease and generational trauma) inflicted upon Native Americans in this country by settlers. 

My office, my home and where I enjoy recreational activities in the city of Los Angeles is land originally occupied by the Tongva people and still inhabited and cared for by the Gabrieleno (Tongva) Band of Mission Indians.

To learn more about LA's Indigenous history or to donate towards Tongva cultural preservation and education click on the links below:

Gabrieleno (Tongva) Band of Mission Indians website

Gabrieleno-Tongva Indian Tribe History

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